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Biological Sciences Professor Cares for Corals

by Florida Tech

biological sciences degree

Although there are no coral reefs off the coast of Melbourne, Fla., Professor of Biological Sciences Robert van Woesik puts Florida Tech’s expertise in this area on the map. The coral reef ecologist is a renowned international expert, the editor of the journal Coral Reefs, and a top grant getter on the propagation and health of these fragile marine systems.

Van Woeski, Biological Sciences Degree

Van Woesik has traveled the world exploring the health and reproduction of reef corals in such places as the South Pacific, Mexico, Zanzibar and the Great Barrier Reef. He’s funded by such organizations as Global Environmental Fund/World Bank and the National Science Foundation.

Last year he published 10 research papers, one in the Proceedings of the Royal Society called, “Calm before the Spawn.” In it he showed clear evidence that corals will globally release eggs and sperm only during seasonal calm periods. This breakthrough paper now makes marine reproduction predictable—important for marine conservation.

Most recently, van Woesik was chosen to deliver the keynote address at the 24th Meeting of the United States Coral Reef Task Force in Saipan. He also gave an opining keynote address at the European International Coral Reef Symposium in the Netherlands.

Click to learn more about Florida Tech's Biological Science program.

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Social Skills Salute!

Thanks for all the social media love!

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Going to College in Florida Has its Perks...

By Florida Tech


college in florida

It’s Saturday morning and you have spent the week buried deep inside your textbook. It’s time to crawl out and see the light of day.  The mind needs a breather, and the Space Coast offers some much deserved distractions.  The most obvious is the beach. Thankfully, Florida Tech is located only 10 minutes away so students can catch a dawn patrol surf session before class. If you notice lots of wet hair on campus, you know there is a nice swell in the Atlantic. By the time you graduate, you’ll probably own at least 5 pairs of flip-flops and will continue to find sand throughout your belongings for years to come.

Besides the beach, there are plenty of activities to keep you out  in the sunlight. Watersports abound on the Space Coast, so you can get your “ing” on no matter what your favorite flavor is. The Space Coast is the perfect place to go surfing, wake boarding, kayaking, canoeing, skiing, tubing, rowing, sailing, boating and floating.  If your cat-like demeanor keeps you far from water, there are plenty of waterless sports to keep you busy, like golfing, tennis, skating, biking …..

Maybe you are less sports-oriented and more nature inspired. One of the perks of going to college in Florida is being surrounded by natural beauty. The Space Coast is home to the Canaveral National Seashore, the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge and miles and miles of sandy beaches. Some local residents include alligators, manatees, otters, dolphins, pelicans, cranes and sea turtles. If you don’t get a chance to catch one in the wild, you can always visit the Brevard Zoo to get an up close view of some native Florida species.

Of course, the Space Coast wouldn’t be the Space Coast without the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and neither would Florida Tech. Florida Tech is located about 45 minutes away from NASA’s launch headquarters. Florida Tech was actually created in 1958 during the space race with the help of a chief scientist at Cape Canaveral.  Today, KSC is the busiest launch and landing facility in the U.S., giving Florida Tech students prime viewing and research opportunities. KSC offers daily tours, an IMAX theatre, the Shuttle Launch Experience and of course, lots of astronaut ice cream.  

After all the day's activities, it’s time to hit the local watering holes and shopping/hangout joints. Less than 5 minutes from campus is downtown Melbourne, home to shopping, dining, art galleries and nightlife. Across the bridge from downtown, there are plenty of beach shacks to feed your belly and unwind your mind. Most places also feature live music, so grab one of those tiny paper umbrellas, throw it in your glass and enjoy going to college in Florida and living the Florida lifestyle.

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Florida Tech College Graduate Salaries are Among the Highest.

By Florida Tech

Let’s be honest, money matters, especially when it comes to choosing one’s career path.  When deciding on a college and major, most students try to find the balance of doing what they are passionate about and what will provide them with the lifestyle they desire.  Attending a college that is respected in the workplace is critical to landing that dream position. 

PayScale.com ranks college graduate salaries, and ranks the Florida Tech bachelor’s degree graduates among the top 60 private research universities in their 2011 College Salary Report.  This is clear evidence that employers value a degree earned from Florida Tech because Florida Tech graduates stand out in the workforce. 

PayScale.com is the world’s largest database of individual employee compensation profiles, offering an immediate snapshot of the job market. PayScale found the starting salary of a full-time employee with 5 years of experience or less in their field who hold a bachelor’s degree from Florida Tech and no higher degrees have a median salary of $50,700. PayScale.com also found the average mid-career salaries (full-time employees with at least 10 years of experience in their career or field hold a bachelor’s degree and no higher degrees) of who Florida Tech graduates is $84,500.  Lastly, Florida Tech's average college graduate salaries were ranked highest of all Florida private universities. 

 PayScale.com offers valuable unbiased data that can give prospective and current students deeper insight into university and degree program outcomes in today's job market. The graph below represents the median salary of Florida Tech graduates in their field.

 Did you know, Florida Tech grads have 91% job (or grad school) placement within 6 months of graduating? At salaries averaging $55,000!

Which one will you be? 

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Our College Tech is Cooler than Yours!

college tech

Florida Tech has some of the coolest college tech around.  There are over 60 labs on campus, each housing instruments that can captivate the inner geek in all of us.

Engineering students are especially lucky when it comes to the availability of college tech.  Florida Tech is home to a robotics lab, wind tunnels, wave generators, a propulsion lab as well as a full machine shop.  This enables our students to create all sorts of gadgets, including boats, concrete canoes, remote operated vehicles, human powered vehicles, submarines, drag racers, unmanned aircraft and robots. If you come by the F.W. Olin Engineering Complex lobby, you can see some of this college tech up close and personal.

Don’t worry, engineering students don’t get to have all the fun.  If you are more interested in the sciences, Florida Tech is home to one of the largest research telescopes in the southeast, accompanied by a complete observatory deck with 15 computer-controlled telescopes available for student use.  If you literally want to get your feet wet with college tech, Florida Tech also has several submersibles and a mobile marine lab.

If you find yourself needing a little air, Florida Tech’s flight training technology is truly world class.  Our fleet consists of 32 active aircraft, which include Piper Warriors/Cadets, Piper Arrows, Piper Seminoles, Cessnas, a Cirrus SR-20, an American Champion Citabria Aurora, as well as several flight simulators.  Aeronautics is so techy, there is tech inside the tech.

Ortega Telescope

So you might be thinking to yourself, all this college tech is well and good but will I be growing gray hair by the time I actually get to use it? One of the ways Florida Tech stands out in college tech offerings is by empowering students to get their hands on the tech early in their academic career.  Students are immediately immersed in research and training and don’t have to wait until senior year to get their feet wet.  By the time students graduate from Florida Tech, they walk away with real-life experiences they can apply to their future career.  

If you are a Florida Tech student of professor, share your college tech stories with us! What are you working on?

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