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Clinical Psychologists Utilizing Employment Tests, a New Frontier.

by T.D. McCay, Ph.D.


I have a personal interest in Psychology since I have a daughter with both bachelors and masters degrees in the field. Her first job was designing psychological tests for potential new employees. Her tests were designed to determine whether a person would fit the company agenda, whether they could get along with others, and if there were any deep seated issues which might cause the employer difficulties in the future; i.e., would they stay the course when the going is not so easy. 

I personally don't understand how one asseses that but apparently it is doable. So this screening really reduces the difficulties for the employer and saves a huge amount of money that would be wasted otherwise.

Florida Tech trains/educates about 25 new clinical psychologists per year. Most of them don't design test; they do treat patients, however, and hence work the other end, i.e., trying to deal with problems once they are uncovered. It's a challenging world out there, maybe we should see if we can graduate a few more than 25. 

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