Download the Master's in Innovation & Entrepreneurship Brochure to Receive Important Information About the Program.

If you see your future taking your business ideas or products from vision to fruition, you should download the master's in innovation and entrepreneurship brochure now! Whether you are about to receive your bachelor's degree or interested in going back to school, this brochure is full of meaningful information about getting your masters in innovation and entrepreneurship at Florida Tech.

Download the innovation and entrepreneurship brochure and learn all the reasons why this master's from Florida Tech is a valuable career move for you:

    • Experience an exciting hands-on approach which allows you to ... enter the program with a business idea and develop it throughout every step of your curriculum.
    • Be encouraged to take risks and see failures as new opportunities ... as you push the boundaries of problem-solving to become problem-finders.
    • Spend your days in a culture of creativity ... engaging in the process of opportunity creation, discovery, exploration and commercialization.
    • Participate in the Entrepreneurship Center or the Business Incubator ... where boundaries are pushed and skills are honed.
    • Apply your new innovation and entrepreneurship skills  ... to create waves of fresh, new ideas for your company and bring positive change to your industry and the world!

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Students are mentored by faculty and industry experts, from business plan to business launch.