Download the Masters in Cybersecurity Brochure to Receive Important Information About the Program.

If you see yourself immersed in the present and future of cybersecurity, you should download the masters in information assurance and cybersecurity brochure now! If you're looking to be part of a team that stops cyber attacks, this brochure is full of information about how an information assurance and cybersecurity master's degree will give you the skills you need to succeed in this field.

Download the information assurance and cybersecurity brochure to learn why a Florida Tech master's is a valuable career move for you:

    • Read about the comprehensive knowledge you'll gain ... recognizing threats, vulnerabilities and different security architectures.

    • Explore an exciting curriculum that includes ... analyzing attack models, evaluating operating system security, communications encryption and privacy issues.

    • Learn from expert faculty and thought-leaders ... who will help you expand your knowledge to protect information from cyber-criminals.

    • Participate in research opportunities that will test and hone your skills  ... designing a spyware-resistant virtual keyboard, detecting a behavioral virus , detecting synthetic environments and network traffic generation.

    • Check out the types of careers that await you  ... computer security specialist, computer forensic investigator, threat intelligence analyst or a chief information security officer.

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