Download the graduate Biomedical Engineering Brochure to Receive Important Information About the Program.

If you see your future blending science and engineering to solve medical dilemmas and improve lives, you should download the biomedical engineering brochure now! Whether you're interested in addressing issues facing medical and healthcare professionals or learning how to commercialize ideas into life-changing technology, this brochure is full of information about how a biomedical engineering graduate degree can help you pursue the future you want.

Download the biomedical engineering brochure and learn all the reasons why a master's or Ph.D. from Florida Tech is a valuable career move for you:

  • Experience how leveraging Florida Tech's established engineering and science expertise ... creates a comprehensive and engaging learning environment.
  • Develop your entrepreneurship skills ... nurturing new technologies from concept to marketplace with both engineering and business faculty.
  • Spend your academic hours in advanced laboratories ... ranging from instrumentation to lasers and optics to electronics and biomaterials.
  • Learning from a mix of traditional academic faculty and industry professionals ... ensures you will receive the most up-to-date information from experts.
  • Check out the fields where Florida Tech alumni are building their careers ... the expansive alumni network will help you get that dream job!

biomedical engineering degree

Apply engineering and science methodologies
to analyze biological and physiological problems.