Download the graduate Applied Behavior Analysis Brochure to Receive Important Information About the Program.

If you see your future helping to better the lives of children and adults struggling with behavior problems, you should download the applied behavior analysis brochure now! Whether you're interested in working with autism-spectrum disorders or substance abuse, this brochure is full of information about how an applied behavior analysis graduate degree can help you pursue a career in a counseling, clinical, educational or occupational setting.

Download the applied behavior analysis brochure and learn all the reasons why a master's or Ph.D. from Florida Tech is a valuable career move for you:

  • Experience one-on-one attention from professors ... as you work alongside them with clients.
  • Graduate with a deep understanding of applied behavior analysis  ... and, perhaps, a portfolio of published work.
  • Participate in research at centers both on- and off-campus... Society for Performance Management, Behavior Analysis Student Association and Florida Tech Continuing Education department.
  • Get hands-on experience at The Scott Center for Autism Treatment ... working with children with autism and related disorders .
  • Check out the fields where Florida Tech alumni are building their careers ... the expansive alumni network will help you get that dream job!

master applied behavior analysis

Work with autistic children and their families to provide
assessment, training and behavioral therapy.